About me

I’m an NCTJ qualified multimedia journalist currently living in Brussels. I mainly work for The Parliament Magazine, writing about European policy and politics and producing videos. I also work in social media

I am available for freelance work, either written or videojournalism, and am also open to new opportunites.

My general interests are vast and varied, mainly because I am quite curious and would, ideally, like to know everything. About everything.

I am particularly interested in the environment, global development, justice and equality, humanitarian issues and female empowerment as well as music and arts.

Outside my professional interests I am also quite keen on tea, sport, reading (anything), wine and cake.

While the sport balances out the cake I must concede that I am now tea coloured.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @kayleighrlewis or add me to your circle on Google Plus. If you want to know more about me professionally then please visit my LinkedIn or email me at kayleighroselewis@hotmail.co.uk.


P.S. Theparliament.com has moved to theparliamentmagazine.eu so some links to original articles may no longer work. If you wish to see a copy of the originals just let me know and I can send them along