Egyptian mass trial ‘in breach’ of international human rights law

Women mourning in Egypt

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has condemned the decision to sentence 683 people to death following a mass trial in Egypt.

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Parliament calls for stronger Russian sanctions

Vladimir Putin

MEPs have adopted a resolution calling for the EU to strengthen the second phase of sanctions against Russia.

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New rules for EU sea-border patrols

Italian patrol ship

MEPs have voted to adopt a new regulation which includes concrete rules to ensure that member states fulfil their search and rescue obligations to boats in distress.

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Transparency to be ‘the norm’ for large businesses

Rana Plaza

Following a vote in the Strasbourg plenary, all large companies and groups will now have to disclose non-financial and diversity information to ensure that they operate in a more transparent manner.

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Sanction list expands as Ukraine crisis escalates

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton has condemned attempts by armed pro-Russian separatists to destabilise Ukraine, describing the situation as “extremely worrying”.

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ECJ declares data collection rules illegal

The European court of justice has declared the 2006 data retention directive illegal, a move widely welcomed by MEPs.

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Interview with European commissioner Kristalina Georgieva

European international cooperation, humanitarian aid and crisis response commissioner Kristalina Georgieva speaks to the Parliament Magazine on humanitarian efforts in Syria, the crisis Central Africa and how the EU has improved its aid effectiveness.

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