TPD reaction: MEP says tobacco vote ‘puts health first’

Despite an ‘intense lobbying effort’ from the tobacco industry, the European parliament has voted for stricter measures on tobacco products, to protect health and discourage young people from smoking.

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MEPs clash over e-cigarette regulations

The decision by parliament’s environment, public health and food safety committee to classify e-cigarettes as medicines has been condemned as “counterproductive and hypocritical”.

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#5Qs: Linda McAvan on the tobacco product directive

Produced by Kayleigh Lewis for The Parliament Magazine.

European week against cancer: Kayleigh Lewis

The EU must do more to reduce the number of young people taking up smoking, as tobacco products directive rapporteur Linda McAvan tells Kayleigh Lewis.

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MEP calls for more regulation on tobacco products

The EU has been urged to do more to prevent children and young people from taking up smoking.

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