Green Week: Sachs welcomes US decarbonisation plan

Jeffrey Sachs speaking at Green Week

Speaking at Green Week’s new environmentalist summit, Jeffrey Sachs, director of the earth institute, expressed his ‘delight’ at the US’ announcement to cut carbon emissions.

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Ashton and Kerry meet to discuss foreign policy

Catherine Ashton and John Kerry speaking at a press conference

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and US secretary of state John Kerry have met to discuss their joint foreign affairs priorities.

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TTIP has potential to create ‘growth and jobs’, says De Gucht

Trade commissioner Karel De Gucht

EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht has told a dialogue event on the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) that both the EU and US need to be “ambitious”.

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MEPs call for suspension of EU-US Swift agreement following new NSA revelations

Dutch deputy Sophie in’t Veld has requested that the European commission immediately suspend the EU-US terrorist finance tracking programme (TFTP) while new NSA revelations are investigated.

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MEPs express anger over commission’s reaction to Prism revelations

Swedish deputy Christian Engström has accused the European commission of failing to take the US Prism programme revelations seriously.

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EU-US trade agreement: Kayleigh Lewis

An EU-US free trade agreement could be an example to other international trading partners, says Vital Moreira. Kayleigh Lewis reports.

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